Abhik Roychoudhury

Provost's Chair Professor

Research Staff

Gregory James Duck

Research Assistant Professor

Andreea Costea

Senior Research Fellow

Ridwan Shariffdeen

Research Fellow
  • Joined January 2023 as postdoc.
  • Software Vulnerability Repair.

Jiawei Wang

Research Fellow

Zhenxin Huang

Research Assistant

PhD Students

Zhiyu Fan

Joined August 2019 (PhD student)
  • Program repair for Intelligent Tutoring and Programming Education.
  • Co-advised with Shin Hwei Tan.

Liu Yu

Joined August 2020 (PhD student)
  • Analysis guided Program Repair.
  • Co-advised with Sergey Mechtaev.

Ruijie Meng

Joined August 2020 (PhD student)
  • Reactive System Fuzzing.

Yuntong Zhang

Joined August 2021 (PhD student and RA)
  • Combination of Fuzzing and Program Repair (tentative topic).

Dylan Wolff

Joined August 2021 (PhD student)
  • Concurrent system Fuzzing (tentative topic).

Haifeng Ruan

Joined August 2021 (PhD student)
  • Interactive Program Repair (tentative topic).

Martin Mirchev

Joined August 2022 (PhD student)

Ali El-Husseini

Joined January 2023 (PhD student, CNRS CREATE)

Robbie Lin Peisen

Joined August 2023 (PhD student)

Zhao Huan

Joined August 2023 (PhD student and RA)

PhD Alumni

Xiang Gao

Graduated 2021

Sergey Mechtaev

Graduated 2018
  • Semantic Program Repair.
  • ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Dissertation Award 2018, Best PhD thesis 2018.
  • University College London (UCL) as Lecturer (Assistant Professor).

Shin Hwei Tan

Graduated 2018

Van Thuan Pham

Graduated 2018

Sudipta Chattopadhyay

Graduated 2013

Dawei Qi

Graduated 2013, co-advisor Zhenkai Liang

Sandeep Kumar

Graduated Dec 2012, co-advisor Siau Cheng Khoo

Lei Ju

Graduated 2010, co-advisor Samarjit Chakraborty

Vivy Suhendra

Graduated 2010, co-advisor Tulika Mitra

Tao Wang

Graduated 2008

Xianfeng Li

Graduated 2006, co-advisor Tulika Mitra

Post-doc Alumni

Yannic Noller

Research Fellow -> Research Assistant Professor at NUS (2020-23)

Umair Z. Ahmed

Research Fellow at NUS

Zhen Dong

Research Fellow -> Senior Research Fellow at NUS (2017-21)

Jooyong Yi

Senior Research Fellow at NUS (2013-17)

Marcel Böhme

Research Fellow -> Senior Research Fellow at NUS (2015-18)
  • PhD NUS.
  • Senior Lecturer, Monash -> Faculty Member, Max-Planck Institute for Security and Privacy.

Konstantin Rubinov

Research Fellow at NUS (2013-15)

Clément Ballabriga

Research Fellow at NUS (2012-14)

Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira

Senior Research Fellow at NUS (2012-13)

Ansuman Banerjee

Research Fellow at NUS (2010)

Sun Meng

Research Fellow at NUS (2005-06)