Yannic Noller joins SUTD as Assistant Professor.
August, 2023
Yannic Noller who has been a post-doc in the group for last three years joins Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) as Assistant Professor.
Yannic Noller SUTD Logo

New group webpage launched!
June, 2023
We just launched our new group webpage containing information about our team and the ongoing research projects. We will keep updating this webpage with our latest news! To start with here are some developments in past 2 years.

Shin Hwei Tan joins Concordia University.
April, 2023
Our PhD alumni Shin Hwei Tan joins Concordia University as Gina Cody Research Chair Associate Professor!
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2023 ICSE MIP Award for SemFix
January, 2023

The work SemFix on program repair from our group receives the Most Influential Paper Award from International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2023.

In the paper, the authors present an automated program repair method based on symbolic execution, constraint solving, and program synthesis. The requirement on the repaired code to pass a given set of tests is formulated as a constraint. The work explored the usage of symbolic execution for specification inference, when only tests are available to describe programmer intent. With this work, the authors coined the area of semantic-based program repair. The work on SemFix significantly inspired the ideas explored in our MoE Tier 3 project on Automated Program Repair!

SemFix: Program Repair via Semantic Analysis

Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC-FSE) 2022 in Singapore
November, 2022

Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC-FSE) 2022 from ACM SIGSOFT held in Singapore, thanks to all of those who attended in this post-COVID conference.

Five-year research program on Program Repair starts
August, 2022
Our 5-year research MoE Tier 3 program on Automated Program Repair starts this month! We will also organize an event hosting several researchers from PL & SE, who give talks specifically focusing on testing, analysis, and repair. Check our Event Page for more information, photos, and some of the recordings!
APR Logo APR Launch Event: November 11

Professor Abhik Roychoudhury recognised with IEEE New Directions Award
April, 2022

Abhik Roychoudhury has won the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Software Engineering (TCSE) New Directions Award for 2022. He received this award jointly with Professor Cristian Cadar (Imperial College London), in recognition of their contributions to symbolic execution for test generation and program repair.

Read more here:

IEEE New Directions Award

Oracle supports our research on program repair
January, 2022
Thanks to Oracle for their generous donation to further our research on program repair, specifically on enhancing software security! The goal is to investigate the transition of program repair technology into more widespread usage and build corresponding prototype techniques.
Oracle Labs